11 Reasons Same-Sex Weddings Are Even Better
March 13, 2015 #gay #lgbt
By AlexKelst

Weddings are generally awesome, emotional, and fun events. Same-sex weddings are no exception. But but what makes same-sex weddings ESPECIALLY awesome? Here's why.

1) Less Ceremony, More Party!

Since same-sex weddings are a relatively new thing, LGBT folk can create their own traditions. Also, they tend to be less religious (for obvious reasons). LGBT people have that much more freedom to pick and choose which traditions they want to adopt or implement. This tends to lead to shorter, sweeter ceremonies, leaving more time to eat, drink, and be merry!

Emotional, Meaningful Speeches.
For many LGBT people, the journey to true love has been even more difficult than it otherwise might be. The stories behind coming out, finding acceptance, and then creating a loving relationship are moving and powerful. Plus, friends of gays tend to be pretty great and funny storytellers.

Not One, But Two Wedding Dresses.
At a straight wedding, the bride's dress is often a top focus of conversation and attention. At a lesbian wedding, well, you (sometimes) have double the dress to talk about!

Fabulous and Fun Guests.
What's a wedding without a great party? And there's no party without amazing and fun people to make it happen. Chances are, your gay friends know some of the most interesting, fun, and fabulous people you've ever met (including you!). So don't be shy!

Is There Such A Thing As Gay Food?
At Indian weddings there is usually Indian food. At Japanese weddings you'd probably expect some Japanese food. So at a gay wedding would there be... gay food? Is there such a thing? No. Well, not really. But, you can expect something fabulous and wonderful and unique to eat, if there is any truth to the gay stereotype.

The Wedding Cakes Are Out Of This World.
Just look!

Confused Relatives.
Some relatives, perhaps older, perhaps from conservative areas, won't quite know what to expect from a gay wedding, and they'll ask question like who is the "groom" and who is the "bride". I mean, really. But it's all the more fun to see them witness that a gay wedding is, for the most part, just like a straight wedding. And their newfound understanding is beautiful.

The World, It's A-Changing.
Gay rights is the civil rights movement of our time. Going to a gay wedding not only allows us to celebrate the love of our gay friends, it allows us to be witness to and participate in history.

LGBT People Appreciate Marriage That Much More Because They Had To Fight For It!
It's true. And same-sex marriage ceremonies and celebrations are all the more poignant because of it.

Fabulous Surprises!
Beyond and food and drinks and gifts and party favors, there may be even more surprises in store. A drag queen or two? Hell yes! A runway fashion show? It's been done. A coordinated dance to Britney? Obvi.
Or what about riding into the wedding on a UNICORN?  

...or how about a full-blown dance off?

They're Just Like Straight Weddings.
In the end, weddings in general are awesome. They celebrate love and joy. They bring together family and friends. And the only thing to do is eat, drink, and be merry. In all important respects, same-sex weddings are just like straight weddings. And weddings are generally awesome!

What else makes gay weddings special and amazing? Comment and let us know! 
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