The Most LGBT Cities In America
March 20, 2015 #gay #lgbt
By AlexKelst

Today, Gallup released the most up-to-date and detailed analysis yet on the concentration of LGBT populations in U.S. cities. The city with the highest concentration? Why, San Francisco! You may say "of course," but look at the other metro areas on the list, and you will probably be surprised. 

Of course, these data only account for those willing to admit or accept that they identify as LGBT. So while San Francisco undoubtedly is a particularly attractive city for LGBT people, it's also likely the case that San Franciscans are more comfortable telling pollsters who collect these data that they do in fact identify as LGBT.

What some find interesting about these data are the number of LGBT people who live in places where being LGBT is far less socially accepted than elsewhere. Given that these people are adults and can choose where to live, why wouldn't they just move? Well one reason may be that, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center, only 12%  of LGBT adults "considered the levels of LGBT social acceptance in a city as a major factor in their decisions about where to live." 

Is LGBT acceptance a major factor for you when deciding where to live? What do you think of these city rankings? Let us know in the comments! 

The data are based on telephone interviews conducted by Gallup, the well-respected polling organization. The interviews took place between 2012 and 2014. 

Here is the full list:
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§ Gallup and NYTimes
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