You Or Someone You Know May Be A Sapiosexual
March 16, 2015 #gay #lgbt
By AlexKelst

Do you find nerds especially attractive? Does talking about math or philosophy turn you on? Do you need to know someone is smart before getting intimate?

Then you may be a sapiosexual!

Just what is that? According to, a sapiosexual is:
"Sapiosexual (n): a person who is sexually attracted to intelligence in others."

Well, maybe we're all a bit sapiosexual then! I mean, many of us (though not all!) become more attracted to someone if we find them smart or clever. So that must indicate some level of sapiosexuality, right?

Well, perhaps sapiosexuals take this one step further. They may only find someone attractive if they think they are intelligent. They may disregard many other more common aspects of finding someone attractive, like physical appearance, emotional connection, and similar likes and dislikes.

And not just that. A sapiosexual is actually aroused by intelligence. That is, they are not just attracted to, but are literally turned on by intelligent behavior and indicators in other people. 

So what do you think? Are you a sapiosexual? Do you know someone who is? What does that mean for you?

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