Teen Comes Out To Dad, Posts Horrible Reaction To Social Media
March 19, 2015 #gay #lgbt
By AlexKelst

Tyler recently came out to his father and posted his Dad's reaction to social media. While I had trouble locating the original posts (on either Tyler's twitter or tumblr) the images of the conversation have been picked up by various sources and are now everywhere. Tweets and messages have flooded in supporting Tyler in the face of such vitriolic behavior from a parent. Read and you'll see why.

"I'm going to puke" and "This is worst [sic] than death." Really? How can a parent say this to his child?

The good news is, according to an interview with the Huffington Post, Tyler has the support of his mother and others:

"He told his family one-by-one, starting with his two sisters, who fully support him. Then he sat down with his mother, who was initially shocked. But Tyler said she eventually told her son she accepts him just the way he is.
“I was so happy,” he said on Thursday. “I was so, so thankful that my mom supports me.”
Tyler’s father was last on the list.
“I’m upset with what my dad said, but I don’t hate him,” the teen said, turning emotional as he described his hopes for their relationship……The teen said he’s currently living with his aunts, but hopes to reconcile with his father soon."

According to interviews, Tyler posted his dad's reaction to social media merely to vent his own frustration and he had no idea it would get this much coverage and bring him so much support.

Tyler's attitude seems to remain positive. Despite all this, he says regarding his father, "I don't hate him."
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